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The Dangers and Beauty of Riptides

Riptides are an ancient 100% reminder they can carry us but

only if we give up our willpower and need to control. Where

trust seems fragile in this world today, sometimes it is the only



Confusing crazy re-wiring

of nature. In does not mean

in, and outward turns the corner and awaits the arrival at shore.

We struggle in the tide. Survival pulls us. We work harder but don’t prevail. We are drowned in the flood.

But safety lies in letting go, washed out from the shore into the deep uncertainty, the sometimes dangerous, only to come around to a surprise homecoming.

Funny we don’t see that in life; a parable to learn from, an irrefutable law of nature, the logic of its truth kept from so many. How hard to trust when the pedestrian mind is screaming otherwise.

Let go, relax, wait, do the opposite of common instinct, trust, have a little patience, throw away ideas you have of how to “make” it happen. Is this not the willing hand of riptide’s offering?

Oh, Great Guardian of darker waters and uncertain seas,

relax our grip, ease our anxious mind, carry us when we

demand another future. And bring us round to novel

landing just up the shore.

FROM A BOOK I am considering. Thank you for reading.

This image of riptide and letting go, held in my mind, has been

very helpful to me. I find many things work better this way.

Loving works better when I stop trying and allow the current to

carry me. I am more present, more open, more relaxed. I come

to trust more. How do you force someone to love otherwise?

My faith works better that way. It feels, to me, more real, less

manufactured. Instead of chasing, I rest within. I let the Spirit

determine more; less of me.

Life works better for me this way. Everyday (common)

experiences change, whether its listening to music, being with

grandchildren, or reading from a favorite book. I don't try to

dictate. I await the next moment with curiousity. I try not to push

my pedestrian logic.

Try this for yourself in the next week. Hold this image of the

riptide in your awareness occasionally. Yes, work hard to

succeed. But know trying can take us only so far. Occasionally,

suspend and let go.

If you enjoyed this, please consider forwarding to friends or family. It is truly a compliment / and a responsibility.

Nothing all the time. Just when things come @. Thanks.

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Having been locked in circumstance, and thinking in some way I could change the result, your words, "let go, relax and wait" spoke loudly to me. Fighting against the current only brings discouragement and exhaustion.

A quote from my morning Bible study - "When I don't understand God's ways, I have to cling to God's worth - that He is good, even when times aren't."

A. Smith

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