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Cup of Coffee set on rock overlooking lake.

I HAVE BEEN PRIVILEDGED to create content and share chapters from my three books. What a site boreal offers to Grand Marais residents and far beyond. 


PARTICIPATE IN THE REAL-TIME feel of articles locally published and catch some of the other news going on in the Arrowhead.

10 minute nature encouragement: reminders of life here on the North Shore. Here is a sampling:

Silhouette of owl in moonlight.

Reflections on this ancient mystery. In a world drowned out by city lights, in the North it has a particular charm and enchantment. Come explore.

Squirrel playfully leaping over moss.

Such A Show ...

A celebration of this everyday acrobat that graces oiur birefeeders. Share in the fun.

Waves breaking on beach at sunset.


Springtime in the North.


But not yet.

Wolf howling in dark green background.


POETRY MAY NOT BE your thing but this will encourage you, even in the depth of winter’s stubborn hold.


 Be inspired.

Pine seedling in moss. Dark background.

The Beauty of Promise

Reflections on the Power of Hidden Potential.

Learn more.

Boat on still lake at sunset.

Presentiment ... that first tinge
of cold in the air, that first fiery leaf of autumn.

Join me in the mood this time
of year brings.


Open hand with blueberries.

Blueberry Season is upon us.


For more go to

Shadow of a man walking down the road.

Along Hwy 61 boreal 

Photo of blue tennis shoes taken from above.

Check back for more.

Outdoor fire roasting marshmellows.

 Life along the trail. Faces and Places Fixed in Memory.


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