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Surprises in the Underbrush

Maybe it can be good to stop to really see what is flowing through our experience.

Enjoy! (Comments always appreciated)

All summer, I’ve been trimming that bush, but never did I suspect such a surprise. Fall does that to us. It strips out all the profusion of summer and offers us a more subtle beauty.

Isn’t this a picture of life? Sometimes, we need to slow down to let things settle. Sometimes, life does it to us when, for example, we are recovering from an injury and are homebound. Or we finish a big project, and at that exact moment, we can decide whether to push on or stop to reconsider what we might be missing. What is the end game here?

Waves do not always press forward. If you study them, they sometimes draw back to gather strength and purpose. Shouldn’t life have the same interplay of activity and the surprise quieter moments can bring?

Deer hunters were waiting for snow. The sign is so much more visible then. There is the slow, deliberate walk, much slower than anything that person might typically do.

Everything is worth paying attention to. It is with expectation that hunters look past the obvious to what might lie hidden.

There are discoveries to be made in our lives as well. Maybe we should walk and not race the next time we go out “for exercise.” It might be good to stop and linger when the northern lights appear as we come in from our car on that perfect starry night.

We should consider reading a book to appreciate the beauty of language instead of always being bathed by the computer light and fierce scrolling down the page.

Now is a good time to celebrate our children, young and old, as we share in their accomplishments instead of the busyness of managing their affairs intertwined with ours.

As the world reverts to plain browns and white, there are chance meetings with the unexpected. I am glad for these. They remind me things can be so easily missed in the discourse of life. They tell me there is more going on than what first meets the eye.

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