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The Canoe Paddle

Canoe Paddle, sunset. Nature's Poetry of Life

Who knows where I have travelled,

who can tell where I have been?

I’ve seen the lodges watching west,

I’ve been to continents then unknown.

Rivers, valleys, long-steeped canyons,

mother-bear home, arctic ice

and deer-home.

I’ve sung to soldiers in their sleep,

been beside them while they lingered,

we’ve hunted rice,

sought gold and treasure,

without complaint,

in silence beyond measure.

I’ve carried songs,

raced furlongs of rip-roar,

tabled for your trail lunches,

fought for places to end your day.

We’ve been a stalwart pair, haven’t we?

Time to rest, time for

a day-jaunt or two,

time to reminisce.

time to stoke the fire of

a near-forgotten past,

to make eyes bright again

with the promise of adventure,


John A. Bragstad is the author of two books, Compass Season & Nature's Poetry of Life. Both are available at Amazon.

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