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Swamp Merry-Golds

Marigolds first appear in the ditches, far before the summer crowd. They are the first to signal the birth of spring.

They lie in low places, move from the muck and drainage to the sunlight and to raised recognition. They reflect the sun. They are the celebration of life at the bottom of a nondescript ditch. They compete with the browns and plainer language of a pine forest in early April and May. They are harbingers of what is to come. Heralds of another, brighter day. They compete with no one. They are the original, the first. They proclaim the colors in a world of grey, a world of frost and fading ice. They wait for no cue; they advance with elaborate design. They occupy the low places. They are longed for as first announcers of spring. They do not apologize for their lowly status. Nature has selected them, and they are equal to their diminutive task.

Broadcasters of new life in a weary and forlorn world.

Book cover: Who's Watching Who?

"Swamp Merry-Golds" taken from published book Nature's Poetry of Life: Who's Watching Who? Available at

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