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"Descriptions of the wilderness, seasons, and nature, stunningly beautiful to read."

Nature's Gentle

Healing for a

World Sometimes

Gone Out oF Control

"What a surprise of a book! Not at all what I expected but once you start reading you are hooked!" 

Poetry for the

Hurried &


"John Bragstad is an outstanding writer who captures the grace and soul of the BWCA in the likes of Sigurd Olson."

"John’s artistic expression is a gift to those of us who love the wilderness, but lack the words to articulate its beauty."

"Beautifully written, I know I will find myself coming back to his books often."

"John Bragstad uses the best of his early experience as a wilderness guide, combined with years as a licensed therapist, to offer insight, comfort, humor, challenge, and motivation."

"The wilderness calls and John answers."

Quotes are all from 5-Star Reader Reviews except where indicated.

A morning coffee book to read.
Quick reads for adults.

Come Away Reading for Myself
A personal thank-you book present idea.