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"Descriptions of the wilderness, seasons, and nature, stunningly beautiful to read."

Canoeist paddling down the lake.

"John Bragstad is an outstanding writer who captures the grace and soul of the BWCA in the likes of Sigurd Olson."

"John’s artistic expression is a gift to those of us who love the wilderness but lack the words to articulate its beauty."

"Love your Life" brown coffee cup.

"John Bragstad uses the best of his early experience as a wilderness guide, combined with years as a licensed therapist, to offer insight, comfort, humor, challenge, and motivation."

Wheat grain with sunset.

Discover the hidden beauty of nature and the beauty within yourself when you read from Loon Laughter at Midnight, Compass Season, and Who's Watching Whoo. Nature books that take readers on a reflective journey through the wild landscapes of Northern Minnesota.

With 10 minute nature book chapters, readers can take a break from their hectic lives and immerse themselves in the meditative and calming nature of these books. Ideal as a 10 minute nature reading group selection for 2023. Nature books that go beyond stories.

Nature reading to calm me down when life moves too fast. 10 minute nature encouragement for times you can't sleep or for times when you need to find the quiet. 5 star poetry for 3 star days.

"Beautifully written, I know I will find myself

coming back to his books often."

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