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Birch River Books

Grand Marais, MN 55604, USA

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From Lake Superior's Shores and the Imcomparable Gunflint Trail ...


Here you will find new ideas, narratives about the North. Camping stories for adults with intriguing metaphors to apply to everyday life. Here are inspirational book club recommendations, videos to watch, poetry and more.

Adult books about Nature, 2019

American Poetry Book Gifts

Adult Nonfiction Book About Nature

Book club books, Nature Reads to Enjoy

Adult Inspirationa Writing: Compass Season book cover.

Nature's Gentle Healing for a World Sometimes Gone Out-of-Control

Ever longed for breathing room in the out-of-doors? Have you wished you could go far away from the hustle of daily life even for moments? This book might be for you. Food-for-thought in 40 short chapters. Adult inspirational writing and a good read for a friend or for you to enjoy. 

A Book for the Lake
Makes a Great Vacation Book.
A Book for the Cottage: Nature's Poetry of Life book cover

Poetry for the Harried & Hurried

I think I know what you’re thinking. But this is not your grandparents rhyming poetry (though this too can be elegant). Like a watercolor painting, Who's Watching Who? captures the key idea quickly. It leaves plenty of white space for you to draw your own conclusions.


A fine book for the cottage during a rainy stay. A great vacation book to add enjoyment to your visit.

Beautiful and haunting all at the same time.

Coming out JUNE 2, 2019

A Recommended Adult Nonfiction About Nature Book

Amazon Reviews: Compass Season

The way we look at new information these days is to check details out. We learn what others experience has been. It isn’t foolproof. But it gives us a general sense of whether things have value. 


Here are remarks by individuals who have read Compass Season. They have included their opinions in Amazon Reviews. I’ve linked to more comments about this adult book about nature 2019 if interested.

"This is a must read for those looking for place, space

and wanting to slow down the race."


"John Bragstad uses the best of his early experience as a wilderness guide, combined with his years as a

licensed therapist, to offer depth, insight, comfort,

humor, challenge, and motivation."


"Beautifully written, I know I will find myself

coming back to this book often."


"I highly recommend buying this book for yourself and

one or two extra copies to give to your friends."

Adult Books About Nature 2019

American Poetry Book Gifts to Enjoy


Come Aboard

One of the joys of any author is to have interested people who follow his / her work. The same holds true here. \

I am committed to offering you thoughtful pictures, drawn from nature that challenge you and provide inspiration and encouragement as you go through your day. These also make great book club books, nature reads to discuss and discover.

Here there are no gimmicks, no free offers to induce you to sign on. Only high quality content and engaging articles that hopefully are of a different cloth. 

Of course, the same standard applies. No obligation. No tracking. No inducements to buy stuff (other than my books). You can unsubscribe ANYTIME you want and the whole thing is FREE.

AND WHAT do you receive for signing on? Short blogs that will engage you & offer beautiful descriptions of the Canoe Country. Camping stories that have immediate application to everyday life. Updates on books coming out and new ideas. All delivered on a regular basis.

Unfound Riches

January 3, 2020


December 31, 2019

Best of the Season to You

December 13, 2019

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