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Summer's Glory

Bright gracing water,

Smiling to the sun’s first kiss,

We welcome you.

To a land that is weary

we have waited,

and watched,

longing for release.

It is an alien sun we feel,

its warmth we cherish,

its light gives breathing room

to our day.

Oh summer, we wrest from you

all the energy of our brave new spirits.

You have found us.

We welcome you.

We welcome your invitation

to live again in exult and hyperbole.

We translate our fears into joy.

We take back what was broken

from idling despair.

The sultry sun embraces us.

For moments we are whole.

We lift our faces to the sky

and wonder at the gifts we

have been given.

Oh summer, shine on us.

Remind us there is promise

in the budding of a leaf,

in the advent of each new day.

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