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Love is A Race

love is a race against

the time of disadvantage.

it casts out hope

when often light is fading.

love persists.

it holds on tightly to what

was once a flittering candle.

it grows in its appreciation

of the true light of day.

love cannot be casual,

it cannot be indifferent.

it insists it must have its way

even if it is a letting go

instead of clasping to itself.

love will find a way.

love will press life beyond

even death to hold on,

to wait out faulty conclusions,

to refuse the partnership

of leaving or ending.

it runs without wavering,

except for the pebble in its shoe.

it may slow down but will not

stand beside the road to cast it off.

time moves and waits

for opportunity

to love more,

to love even more


From: Who's Watching Whoo?

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