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Loon Laughter At Midnight

I'M COMING OUT with a new book: Loon Laughter at Midnight. The foreword will look something like this:

Anyone who has thrilled to waking at night in a tent, hearing the loon call on a far distant shore, can recognize this is the essence of wilderness.

It is a soft-fluted, warbling call, at once haunting and melodic.

It echos across canyons,

it reaches across dark waters

to catch camper’s sometimes unaware.

This book was written for moments when the silence, mystery, gratitude of places such as these can overtake us.

IT WOULD BE a relatively short book (about 100 pages). Chapters would include stories of the Northland as well as weaving in practical applications to life. Among the chapter titles would be:

  • Seagull Lake

  • Our Need for Adventure

  • Colville, Minnesota

  • Wildflowers & Quiet Walks

  • Dangerous Crossing

All-in-all, a TOTAL of 16 chapters, short and readable, relevant and for any season of the year in life's journey.

IF I GO AHEAD, WOULD YOU BE WILLING to grace me by being one of the book's Advanced Readers. You'll get a copy before it's even published. IT'LL BE FREE for you to read and enjoy!

AND YOU WILL HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY to give the book a good evaluation of its contents if you like and to perhaps offer a review on the first days it is out on Amazon and other distribution sites.

I WOULD SO VALUE YOUR FEEDBACK as the contents are being assembled for final publication. And you would be in on integral parts of the book's journey.

IF YOU'D BE WILLING would you email me

at and I'll put you down

as a "pioneer" of this work.

LET'S SEE WHERE IT GOES. And thanks for considering Loon Laughter at Midnight for discovery.

P.S. Do you have a preference for a subtitle?

"A Find A Nature Moment Book"

"Take Time For You Reading"

"A Good Book to Quiet My Mind"

Let me know.