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Find the Quiet Reading

"As a counselor, I would occasionally read some of these passages to those who would visit my office. They would often quiet busy and overly-complicated minds.

They might shift that person’s thinking.that would take them from current problems to places where, for at least moments, the wild birds would sing.

It was my deeper satisfaction when people would take what I had written to extend it to something in their own lives, and then, they would make it their own.

Perhaps that is what will happen to you. Whether you enjoy nature or not, these are metaphors you might find helpful in your journey. They might point you to truths you intuitively know.

As moonlight opens up the world again to the wilderness traveler, so might these extend what you can see and cast a singular beauty all their own."

Excerpt from author introduction found in Compass Season: Come Away Minutes for Myself. Available through Amazon or can be purchased at local Grand Marais bookstores. Nature's Gentle Wisdom.