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Welcomed Visitor

Chance discovery,

Friend from the deep forest,

Suddenly interested in our

poor piece of property.

For moments, Lake

Superior’s vistas gone.

I am captive to the attentive probings,

the watchful search,

the careful eye,

the eager find.

Boreal dwellers made visible

for moments. Then gone.

Their high, clear, piping

Calls and drum,

Mostly old forest,

So rare the sightings.

Red-crested glory; here,

the top-of-the-vibrant

and healthy food chain,

The marvel of

Ecosystems In balance.

Gratitude for this

Morning’s pause,

Fully willing to

Let me come close,

To celebrate and

share its findings

And mine


Compass Season and Nature's Poetry of Life books set on white rocks.

John A Bragstad is the author of two books, principally about the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. They are Compass Season and Nature's Poetry of Life.

They can be purchased at or in local Grand Marais book stores.

^ Their sounds a direct quote. For more information about this amazing bird go to

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