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First Light

Campfire and pot. Nature's Poetry of Life

In the pale first reflection,

daylight approaches.

it comes to us quietly,

slow and soft.

It wakes us from shadow,

it prods us with rude intent,

bathed in the fresh opening of a new day.

First light invites adventure.

It rouses us to make ready.

It gifts us with sleepy cups of coffee,

it reminds us it will not be there for long.

We take to the trail.

We watch the day dwindle down.

Long hours meant for laughter,

abandoned comfort for swimming,

fish that fry clean,



songs to my inner self

shared in the songs of others.


remnants of misery,

carry-over portage madness,

taking us to distant places,

towards hospitality and home.

We rise, eager to taste

the fruit the first light offers us.

We wish for promise.

We see in the unfolding

of the new day

restless inhibition,

wandering license,

furtive imagination

launched within the sands of time.

Book cover and back cover: Nature's Poetry of Life

"First Light" is taken from the book Who's Watching Who? Nature's Poetry of Life now available at Amazon or in local Grand Marais bookstores.

A great gift for friend or family!

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