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Oh, what does

the New Year

see in me?

I certainly see myself.

But from where

does it reckon

who am I?

Those liquid, soft eyes,

gazing and impenetrable.

Days set before me.

Alert, watchful

for the slight & clumsy,

the caring and cruel.

We are being measured.

Are we to be trusted?

What does this Great Mind

with all its subtlety

and simplicity,

see in me?

What stirrings in myself

are revealed in its

steady gaze?

What pretense is known?

What fever?

What restlessness?

What hard edge?

Perhaps it is I

who am already

in flight?

From where should I start

to bring a quiet

and peaceful spirit

to our exchange?

Perhaps I should stay longer,

step into this moment,

if only to learn more.

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