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Cherished Book Reviews

Going to say something most authors will not say. BOOK REVIEWS MATTER! Yes, they do!

Number One: They are a source of encouragement for those who write. Yes, not everyone is positive. But they all engage. They tell the author people are paying attention. What better compliment to any long-labored work?

Number Two: They matter to the dang search engines. Yes, they are recorded and have a lot to do with author and book placement. THAT MEANS exposure which translates to people who come in contact with an author's work.

Number Tres: Great books deserve a review. It doesn't mean you have to do this. But it is such a lift to any author and to prospective readers alike.

You know you've paid attention to reader reviews.

Anything from books to hotel rooms. They encourage

and give us the confidence to go ahead

and make the deal.

And Four: Book reviews can be honest. Not everybody has to like a particular book. But IT MATTERS that people care enough to comment. That's a PLAIN FACT. And rarely understood by the public.

So if you're tempted, if you have had even a scintilla of thought you might comment on a book that has stirred you, made you think, inspired you, made something you care about seem more relevant, than maybe - just maybe - you might take the time to write a short comment on Amazon.

It's easy to do and I think you don't even have to leave a name. In fact, you can just check a star (*). This simple act will either turn on a light for another person searching or caution them that maybe things are not all that great.

I'm told that in the not too distant future, people will come to rely more on Trip Advisor or Reader Reviews than friends or family recommendations. You're PROBABLY doing that already.

Help an author out that you know or a book you care about. They won't often say it but I'm going to:

YOUR INPUT MATTERS to great books lost

in the millions of Amazon entries.

Enough said. And thanks for reading this far.

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