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Brave Acceptance

He says to me “Fishing is fishing,”

an echo of an elder who once

told me: “Fishing isn’t catching.”

Eight-year-old wisdom;

Live the moment.

Cast expectations aside.

Accept uncertain reality.

Don’t squabble with failure.

Find the place where you’re at

and embrace it. Test the winds

to see if it is an uncertain tide.

Bravely stand to its

inexorable character

and learn to move on.

“Cold is cold,” another edict

coming from a Southern boy

who remembers we are in


Acclimatization out the window.

Defiant he has already

come to terms with


on the ground.

“Same-same,” he would say;

Why quibble?

Motion stealing from other motion,

wheels churning with delight,

presence unaffected by unkind reality,

moving always into the light.

Broken hooks,

lost fish frayed from battle,

headstrong boat hitches

that won’t complete,

facing into the surly wind,

heady days on big lakes,

watchful of dangers


eager to win,

to catch the prize.

Collected experience,

enjoyed, all of it pieces

of a remarkable puzzle,

life on the go.

Hey, sad is sad.

Alone is alone.

Glad is glad.

Fear is fear.

Each has a place.

Each accepted

with a vote of


There is no “catching,”

just to fish going in

and coming out.

No cold, but what

thoughts we

bring to it.

Umbrella; the Poetry of Life

From a new book I am contemplating: Sojourners of the Spirit (working title). What do you think? Any comments would be helpful / on FB or through f/b texting.

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