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Gift for Adult Friend / Gift of Quiet

Man, book, surf, city, poetry of life

Do you need a moment's break from the city life?

A chance to touch nature without the rush to get there?

Looking for a reasonably priced gift for a friend?

A way to slow down before bedtime?

Then consider these two books:

Compass Season: Find Your Bearings ...

Who's Watching Who? Nature's Poetry of Life

Books that connect homespun wisdom with nature.

Books you can pick anytime and open to relevancy.

Nature's Poetry of Life, book, owl and moon, Northern Free-Verse Poetry
Compass Season, title, book

Zen-like portraits that evoke new ways to problem-solve.

Rich text that is descriptive and invites self-reflection.

"Reflection is one of the most underused & powerful tools for success." - Richard Carlson

- 40 chapters that follow the seasons.

- Nature mixed with practical insight.

- Places that will stir your memories.

"Aldo Leopold may be the master of nature writing, and Gary Chapman may be the master of “relationship writing,” but no one weaves the two realms together as neatly and poig-nantly as J. Bragstad in Compass Season."

"If you love exploring and discovering nature and human nature, you'll find Compass Season the perfect guide."

Nature's Poetry of Life, book, owl and moon, Northern Free-Verse Poetry

- 50 Free-Verse Poems that Inspire

- Drop in Anywhere to Enjoy

- Quick Reads for Precious Minutes

- All with a Northern Theme

- Universal in Depth of Meaning

"In every poem there is beauty. Some verses will stir at you like a youngster stirs the hot coals of a campfire. For some, memories will

rise like sweet smoke of a time past ... eminently readable and comforting." (Cook-County News Herald)

"We can't wait to bring his poetry into the BWCAW for our canoe trips this summer to read amidst the loons in the distance."

So there you have it. Now, its your turn:

Plenty of examples if you go to

Who's Watching Who? $9.99 for yourself or a good friend.

Compass Season: $14.99 on Amazon or in Grand Marais.

Connects the world of the spirit with nature.

Priced to make these ideal gifts for family and friends.

Even Racing Cars sometimes need to put on the brakes.

"J. Bragstad was a Boundary Waters and Quetico canoe guide and has over 25 years as a licensed marriage and family counselor. His experiences provide depth, insight, motiv-ation, beauty and comfort to readers." (Cook-County News Herald)

"A quintessential poet, John's prose comes through on each and every page. (Books) easy to read in one sitting or you can read chapters in season or out of the season

they were written for and be blessed."