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The Ancient Power of Stone

Habits set in. Fierce.

Moods overcome us,

Daunting and difficult.

Fires are combustible

in our relationships.


Rocks that will not move.

Insurmountable, we say.

Stony outcroppings like

fortresses against the wind.

To break them down, impossible.

To challenge them, the devil’s deceit.

To break with the past,

a tedious effort,

to reshape our future,

imaginations true test.

Great Heartbeat;

waves, wash over us.

By the drop, challenge

old assumptions.

Reshape the land with

the small and relegated.

Define us by the inter-blended

waves, wave upon wave,

water warrior upon water warrior.

The victory of the insignificant,

the cessation of doubt, wrought

upon a stubborn, defiant coast.

Time matters. And time laced with

subtle actions, tumultuous challenges,

the roar of foaming waves, the lapping


all form fissures that divide what is stone,

and make way for stone to break.

Oh Gentle Lord, remind us that in the slow

and steady roll of great waters, in the steady

drip of rain, in the fall of cascades

of renewed promise,

there is change. There is the break of day.

There is a cavalcade of what is new,

a surprise water could not fathom.

Such tiny, irrepressible drops

thrown together

against such

stalwart but



More ancient still,

water’s signature

on the land.

From a new project I’m working on. Working title: something like “Sojourners of the Spirit: Christian Free-Verse Poetry for Every Mood." What do you think of the above? Any possibility there? Thanks for any input you can offer.