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Excerpt: Kairos Time

I wish you a summer of gracious memories, moments when we stop to appreciate the rare beauty of life.

These are times we want to extend and hold onto. Times that catch us unexpectedly.

I wish you opportunities to stop and notice what surrounds you, even if you can step away only for moments from the tyranny of clock-time.

Whether it is in the pale light of morning or the firelight of a soft summer evening, may you stop to recognize, and appreciate what might well be the fullness of time.

It may have waited for you until this exact moment.

This may well be the cresting of the wave when you will look back and say, “This is as good as it gets.” "This was the best of times for me."

Then, we are no longer consumers, wasting time as if it was a commodity to throw away.

We will be warmed by such recollections far into the winter months.

Thoughts of summer will come flooding back as we enjoy the gift of experiencing things many times over in our memory.

From the chapter Kairos Time in the book Compass Season: Find Your Bearings Through Nature's Inspiration. Available on Amazon. Makes a great gift in this beautiful summer season.

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