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An Adult Poetry Book About Nature

Brass Band. Announcing Nature's Poetry of Life

Announcing Nature’s Poetry of Life: Who’s Watching Who? Now available on Amazon (Kindle or book).

50 poems that capture life in a Northern town. The fog on the lake, the first light, the promise of campfire cooking. The ghostly yodels of loons on the lake at midnight. All these and more!

A book that invites old stories and memories. Perfect for Father’s Day. Priced under $10. Conjures up reminiscences of times past and close encounters along the trail.

Northern free-verse poetry that doesn’t always have to rhyme. Personal portraits that invite long thoughts about life and its glorious merits.

A gift for a friend or family member, a short poem to close out the day. A break from the rat race on the commute home, a pause from the rush of life. A reminder of what is essential, values that can only come from nature.