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"Loon Laughter"

Two tents in moonlight.

Warbling up great canyons,

drifting over silent spaces of time.

When the moon fills,

when the night is soft,

loon laughter transforms

wildness into song.

It calls to another.

It dances on the

webbed feet

of the wind.

It mates whispering silence

to sound, reckless

and uninhibited,

primitive and





Loon laughter echoes proudly over the hills.

It seeps into the cracks of untamed places.

It is reluctant to go to domesticated venues.

It watches purposefully over the North.

Wait for it.

Be ready for it.

Silence when it speaks.

Know you are listening

to the early,

distant sounds

of our first genesis.

We want it to last but then,

night swallows it up

in its ethereal embrace.

Testing the waters for truth,

measuring creation for its worth,

watchful of wilderness,

witness to God’s humor.

In tremolo,

haunting sounds

and unrehearsed


From "The Poetry of Life: Who's Watching Who?" Published June 2, 2019. A great book for Father's Day. A book for a friend who enjoys the outdoors. For anyone who celebrates the wild.