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Nature Book Gift Idea 4 Father's Day

The Poetry of Life: Who's Watching Who? Northern Free-Verse Poetry. A NEW RELEASE: Coming out JUNE 4.

In plenty of time for Father's Day. PRICED UNDER $10.

Perfect for the adult son or daughter to wants to rekindle old camping memories with their dad or grandpa.

50 expressions of life in the North. Poetry written by a counselor and canoe guide. Each weaves together ordinary experiences in the out-of-doors with deeper truths and lasting values.

Like a watercolor painting, each title is a quick, colorful description that leaves plenty of white space to fill in your own meaning.

This nature book gift idea is one for people on the go, who long for a time-out. It makes an ideal book to have on the nightstand or to take with you on the commute.

Please consider ordering Who's Watching Who? at It's debut: June 4.

Priced to make it an affordable gift for anyone who enjoys poetry about life or for that friend or family member who has spent time in the out-of-doors.

For more information and for an opportunity to read "Wildflowers" taken from this book, go to I think you'll love the pictures and there's plenty of content. Consider SUBSCRIBING for updates.