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My Website is Going Places

Old VW Microbus camper. Bird's-egg blue. Facing Sideways.

Recommended Reads 2019.

Inspirational Book Recomendations.

What’s been in the wind is redevelopment of my website where blogs are included. A fresh look, more options, more places to interact with the reader and to share my book titles.

I've framed them as inspirational book recommendations which, at least in my opinion, seems to be what I'm aiming for.

I consider you so important to my work. There’s a new book coming out / Northern Poetry - go figure. Should be in May but I’ll share some of the poems with you

My new web address: Went with what people know.

There should, however, be a redirect fr. if that's where people are searching.

So, have a look around my new site. I hope you like it. There's some great video / one moose in particular. Also, release of some new essays and poetry if you haven't seen these yet. I've put in some Amazon reviews: Recommended Reads 2019.

It's brand new in its inception. Write and let me know what you think. Thanks!

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