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My Dog Jack

My dog Jack (Cairn Terrier), A Recommended Read 2019. Northern free-verse poetry.

Recommended Reads 2019.

Coming Out This Spring!

I whisper his name

and his one ear pivots

to take in the sound,

to respond.

Contrary at times,


ready and playful

he waits

to walk me through my days.

He is the commander of the road,

my protector from imagined sights

sounded outside my window.

He rides shotgun beside me on the couch.

Accompanies me to town.

Slumbers beside me when I sleep.

Soothes me with his fur

beneath my roaming, roving

traveling hand.

His smallness invites care.

Though he does not think it.

Deer are his equal,

Other dogs can be his nemesis.

Today he finds comfort

apart from me.

His body aches in

strange, unfamiliar places.

soft protests make their rounds.

Age is getting the better of us.

He will forgive me this moment

of dour reflection,

of lingering dread.

The Chase Game is never dull.

Curled up close,


Relevant to me,


I cannot let him go.

From soon to be published: Nature's Poetry of Life: Who's Watching Who? I'm excited about this book. 50 brief,

quick-fire, expressive poems about the northern

landscape. A recommended read for 2019.

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