Hard Lessons

This morning, the newspaper title caught my attention: The Harder Life Gets, the Softer We Need to Be.” There was also a subtitle: When we brace against life’s bumps, we feel every stone more deeply.” It sounds the opposite doesn’t it of our usual way of thinking? We work harder, not less. We resist more. And we don’t let go of our grip. We fight, and think this is not a time to back off. Lots of things push us in the direction to resist. Chronic illness, the tenor of the times, hurtful words, even the weight of the water pulling us down when we swim, these all incline us towards even fierce resistance. We don’t imagine other options. The harm or threat or action demand a counter-response. W

Empty Opportunity

One person looks at a calendar with blank spaces and sees Empty time. It might threaten them or fill them with apprehension. Another way of looking at the same thing? As opportunities waiting to be filled. I don’t know about you. Do you like to plan a canoe trip or a travel experience with everything battened down? Do you know when you’ll be at a particular place? Have you reserved? Or do you entertain a trip to Europe, for example, with as little organizing as possible? Generally, you want to be in a certain place by roughly this time. But possibilities may alter that. You might meet fascinating people on the train. You might be invited to their vacation place. You might be told of excellen

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