So Soon the Thunder Rolls

In the distance the thunder but the mosquitoes are swarming. Life implodes. From out of the shadows and swampy places, they ferry and probe for warm and tender spots to draw their blood. They carry on the wind. They dance against the moon and invite themselves into quiet nights and cabin-ed conversations. Brighter days of sun hordes can destroy, with eagerness and numbers. But the thunder rolls and soon, sweet rain, the end of torment. We retrieve what we can but days can be lost. New legions take the swarming place. We suffer. Our world looks different. Beauty turns to restless discontent, the eagles now mere objects in the sky. The August sun a parchment. The blush of nature, only dulled a

Shackleton's 12: Lessons for the Darker Hours

“Shackleton’s situation was completely hopeless. He just didn’t succumb to the pessimists.” ( 1. MAKE UP YOUR MIND TO BE CHEERFUL. “His unfailing cheerfulness means a lot to a band of disappointed explorers like ourselves. He demanded cheerfulness and counted on his crew’s enthusiasm for what they were doing." There would be no swearing. 2. TAKE SPECIAL INTEREST IN PEOPLE @ YOU. "When Shackleton came across a crewman walking alone, he would get into conversation and talk to that person asking them little things. How are you getting on, how do you like it so far, what side of the work are you enjoying most?" 3. BE THE OPTIMIST! "He is not content with saying, ‘It will come out a

You wait. Everyone has an Antarctic.

In this particular time, we need templates from what has gone on before. I turn to Ernest Shackleton. In January 1915, his ship was trapped in pack ice one day's journey from his intended landing site. In October of that same year, 9 months later, he and his men are forced to abandon his ship, the Endurance. In November, they watch as the vessel breaks apart, crushed in vise-like seas of moving ice. Living on a shifting ice floe, they cobble together Patience Camp. It was April 9th, 1916. They had not set foot on solid ground since December 5th of the previous year. Blown off-course, they then sail and row and drag their boats sixty miles in seven days, not counting all the zig-zags around f

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