Oh, what does the New Year see in me? I certainly see myself. But from where does it reckon who am I? Those liquid, soft eyes, gazing and impenetrable. Days set before me. Alert, watchful for the slight & clumsy, the caring and cruel. We are being measured. Are we to be trusted? What does this Great Mind with all its subtlety and simplicity, see in me? What stirrings in myself are revealed in its steady gaze? What pretense is known? What fever? What restlessness? What hard edge? Perhaps it is I who am already in flight? From where should I start to bring a quiet and peaceful spirit to our exchange? Perhaps I should stay longer, step into this moment, if only to learn more.

Best of the Season to You

Looking for a stocking stuffer that is personal, that inspires, that is thoughtful, and that rekindles memories of great adventures past? Short, impactful portraits that offer beautiful descriptions and lessons drawn from this great land of rock and water. Compass Season is a book, written by Grand Marais author John Bragstad, that celebrates this magnificent country of ours! A former canoe guide and counselor, he writes about everything from Woodsheds to Chik-Wauk, from the gentle beauty of a Northern Christmas to the impact for anyone coming over the hill in Duluth who knows, almost instantly, the meaning of the words: I Go Up to the North Country to Feel Small. A gift for yourself or a fr

Northern Christmas

Let us spend one day as deliberately as Nature, and not be thrown off the track by every nutshell and mosquito’s wing that falls on the rails. Walden Henry David Thoreau Across the northern tier of the continent, in places I've traveled, there are similar features to the terrain. In Canada, the Arrowhead of Minnesota, in some parts of Norway, there are collections of reindeer moss, rock tripe, the same spruce, tamarack, and birch. There is also one tree I notice in particular this time of year. After the tamarack loses its needles in the swampy lowlands, one tree says better than others "It is Christmas," even in the frosty cold of deep winter. The Mountain Ash, or Rowan tree, is known for i

Big Things to be Thankful For

You’ve had your Thanksgiving Dinner. Maybe you used the day to give thanks for things great and small. Maybe not. But here’s a new take. I’ve been reading a book* that has astounding things we take for granted, where a person can only catch their breath, where gratitude is the only response. Here goes: The moon stabilizes the tilt of the Earth’s axis. It gives us our seasons. It means surface temperatures do not go in wild swings. Earth’s tilt varies only about a degree and a half. The moon’s size is unique compared to any other body in our solar system. Mercury and Venus have no moons. Mars has only two tiny moons, perhaps asteroids. Their tilts are extensive and chaotic. Our moon is 60% re

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