TO TASTE the sweet delight, the rush of living, the boil in the blood, the fires of excitement. To test the unknown. To joy in the offer, To wait with unruly anticipation. To tame the stallions of timidity and relic anxiousness. To wait for personal greatness, for moments to fly. To risk. To take hold of our first intuitions of what we were intended to become. To take that chance. To bend to the will of the Divine written into the pleasured fabric of our DNA. To watch as the story is being written. To marvel at the unassuming beauty of it all. To leave ego behind. To put hand to the plow, to take that first step from off the ledge to the waiting waters far below. And to rise with a joy rarel

The Beauty of Promise

We see promise this time of year, even as we head into winter. Oh, how great and beautiful, even the slightest hint of what we know will emerge in springtime. It is a subtle beauty ... for now. Couched in tiny seeds, shaded in rich browns and black, ephemeral and hidden, flowers are all but waiting. Time will launch these pods of possibility into display. Rarely are we appreciative of such potential. We’ve seen the last of tourists here to witness the rousing red of the maple, the deep sunset golds of the birch lining the hills above our town. Tamarack are just making their appearance with their flaming yellows set against the hush of the forest. Small bogs and sloughs seem the ideal setting

Cherished Book Reviews

Going to say something most authors will not say. BOOK REVIEWS MATTER! Yes, they do! Number One: They are a source of encouragement for those who write. Yes, not everyone is positive. But they all engage. They tell the author people are paying attention. What better compliment to any long-labored work? Number Two: They matter to the dang search engines. Yes, they are recorded and have a lot to do with author and book placement. THAT MEANS exposure which translates to people who come in contact with an author's work. Number Tres: Great books deserve a review. It doesn't mean you have to do this. But it is such a lift to any author and to prospective readers alike. You know you've paid attenti

Special Countdown Book Deal

Just Reviewed in the latest edition of NORTHERN WILD. Who's Watching Who? Nature's Poetry of Life. Available on Kindle THURSDAY for $.99 (a 67% discount)! SATURDAY, October 5th goes up to $1.99 (still a 34% discount). On the 6th at 8 p.m. PDT time, goes back to original price of $2.99. "From chickadees at a winter feeder to the summer laughter of loons, the poet explores wild topics ... poems explore the Boundary Waters/ Quetico wilderness of which he writes, "It is an uneven country. Lakes speckle the land between." Northern Wild Review 10/2019 Download a copy or enjoy a hardcover copy at Amazon or at our local book stores. Makes a great and timely gift for a friend or family member. A tas

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