And closely akin to the visions of the hairy man was the call still sounding in the depths of the forest. It filled (Buck) with a great unrest and strange desires. It caused him to feel a vague, sweet gladness, and he was aware of wild yearnings and stirrings for he knew not what. The Call of the Wild Jack London Is there anything more elemental than fire, the lapping of the waves, and a night sky fading into August? A loon calls somewhere out on the big lake. Moonlit mystics are at play. It seems from the beginning these sights and sounds have been enjoyed. The voyageur at the end of a long day's paddle might have sat by a campfire, entranced by the glowing embers, the smoke rising into the

Brave Acceptance

He says to me “Fishing is fishing,” an echo of an elder who once told me: “Fishing isn’t catching.” Eight-year-old wisdom; Live the moment. Cast expectations aside. Accept uncertain reality. Don’t squabble with failure. Find the place where you’re at and embrace it. Test the winds to see if it is an uncertain tide. Bravely stand to its inexorable character and learn to move on. “Cold is cold,” another edict coming from a Southern boy who remembers we are in Minnesota. Acclimatization out the window. Defiant he has already come to terms with conditions on the ground. “Same-same,” he would say; Why quibble? Motion stealing from other motion, wheels churning with delight, presence unaffected by

Gift for Adult Friend / Gift of Quiet

Do you need a moment's break from the city life? A chance to touch nature without the rush to get there? Looking for a reasonably priced gift for a friend? A way to slow down before bedtime? Then consider these two books: Compass Season: Find Your Bearings ... Who's Watching Who? Nature's Poetry of Life Books that connect homespun wisdom with nature. Books you can pick anytime and open to relevancy. Zen-like portraits that evoke new ways to problem-solve. Rich text that is descriptive and invites self-reflection. "Reflection is one of the most underused & powerful tools for success." - Richard Carlson - 40 chapters that follow the seasons. - Nature mixed with practical insight. - Places th


Vainglory finds us but glory is rare. Glory is the birth of a baby. Unknown to the cosmos for the quiet centuries before it announces itself. Glory is a love that is self-giving, that does not have the taint of its own advantage. Glory is the advent of a summer evening, its light burnished in the west, the perfect moment in time. Glory is Superior’s diamonds reflected forever toward the horizon. The mountain standing stalwart, its brightness challenging the sky. These are but shadows. Bodies that are born again, the seed buried in the earth only to rise, only to flower, to grow strong. The gracious invitation to an undeserved celebration, coming home not to shame but to unrivaled joy. Glory,

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