Just Strike Out and Do It!

Personal Growth Stories. Inspirational Reading. People have their own ideas about courage. ​ This is one of mine. People careening down wild mountain trails full bore - the delicate balance between hell-bent-for-leather and careful optimism. ​ We have one of these trail systems near us. I have friends who live for this. I don't. ​ But courage - real courage - is other things as well. Friends who take on formidable surgeries with uncertain outcomes. People who love and take a chance. Actors who act despite the resident nervousness and fear. ​ They tremble and then head for the footlights. ​ Fear is ever with us. Even the great ones, I'm told, surprisingly must deal with its icy finger. ​ And

Don't Let the Old Man In

(Title credited to Clint Eastwood. Song written by Toby Keith after he asked Eastwood how he kept himself so active? His answer: "I never let the old man in.") Toby Keith thought that made for a pretty good story. Personal Growth Stories Heartwarming Paperbacks When you see this picture what do you think? What is your visceral feeling? ​​ I love it for all its darkness. Maybe it resonates because I am getting older. I can relate to this man. It is not quite yet, but I know it is coming. ​ Maybe he's just a parking lot away from his car but I don't want to believe that. My hope is that he's gone some distance. That his younger eyes have kept him to the trail. And I suspect that the view was e

My Website is Going Places

Recommended Reads 2019. Inspirational Book Recomendations. What’s been in the wind is redevelopment of my website where blogs are included. A fresh look, more options, more places to interact with the reader and to share my book titles. I've framed them as inspirational book recommendations which, at least in my opinion, seems to be what I'm aiming for. I consider you so important to my work. There’s a new book coming out / Northern Poetry - go figure. Should be in May but I’ll share some of the poems with you My new web address: johnbragstad.com. Went with what people know. There should, however, be a redirect fr. birchriverbooks.com if that's where people are searching. So, have a look aro

To Be Lost ...

Adult Camping Stories. People ask: Why the book title COMPASS SEASON? We all must navigate the seasons of our life. Each is, in some way, new. Parts of terrain we recognize. But other things are strangely unfamiliar. An example: I feel age 50 but my face tells a different story. I recognize I am at a different place in the life cycle. There are new demands - and satisfactions I must capture instead of dwelling on the past. As fall trips on winter, in the same way, we move from one distinct period to another. Sometimes it is subtle and slow. I notice, with surprise, the sun is rising now at a much different place on the lake every morning. Sometimes, it is alarming how quickly I must adapt. F

My Dog Jack

I whisper his name and his one ear pivots to take in the sound, to respond. Contrary at times, watchful, ready and playful he waits to walk

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